Yamhill County AscendWeb Help
Account Number Search
Enter the Account # as it appears on your tax statement, no leading zeros, 6 digits or less,(in the upper right-hand corner of the tax statement)

Alternate Account Number Search
The leading 'R' and intervening spaces are required as in these examples:
R4421   03900       R3325C  00600       R5420DB 12000
      3 spaces              2 spaces               1 space


Property Address Search
The Address search will not work if a Account No. has been entered. If you have a Account No. entered, click on the “Clear” button and try your search again.

This address search is based on the parcel’s location address (this is not the mailing address)
If you know the exact address, enter the street address along with the city name. If you do not know the exact street address, you will need to enter a portion of the address with a minimum of three (3) characters. Click “Enter” on the keyboard or the “Parcel Info” button.
If you know the number of the building or house, enter the number For example: 123

This search locates addresses with the number 123 somewhere in the address, as in this list:
   10123 Hwy 99, McMinnville OR 97128
   1123 Columbia Ave, Sunnyside OR 98944
   1123 E 1st Ave, Newberg OR 97132

If you know a portion of the address, enter this information. For example:
   Street Address: Main
   City:                 Carlton

This search locates addresses with Main in the address within the City of Carlton, as in this list:
   103 Main St, Carlton OR 98114
   Main St, Carlton OR 98114
   Main St/Sunnyside Ave, Carlton OR 98114

Select the property you wish to view by clicking on the desired Parcel No.